1. Introduction to Runoff, Erosion & Sediment Control

2. Field Experience: ESC Site Evaluation, Best Practice Selection, Installation Techniques & Oversight, Documentation & Inspection for Compliance

3. Designing Plans that Work

4. ESC Inspection Expectations & Techniques

5. ESC Master Class - Essentials, Innovations, Compliance, and Best Practices

All ESC Courses Explore:

Erosion & Sediment Control Fundamentals

Canadian Rules & Regulations

Best Practices

Runoff Control

Advances & Technology





12 Student Minimum


James Kay, P.Eng, CPESC. CPSWQ brings almost 20 years of ESC expertise, and over 15 years of teaching & training.

Introduced to ESC with silt fence, sediment ponds, and gravel pads, it was through plans that did not achieve compliance that James learned the basics, fundamentals, best practices, and expert approaches to achieving compliance through practical and efficient Erosion & Sediment Control design and inspection.

James sought to understand: pursued his CPESC under Dr. David Walker, taught for VIU under Ed Van Osch, led PNW IECA w. Russ Paton, helped create ESCA BC and took courses under Jerry Fifield, Alex Zimmerman and Jennifer Hildebrand, helped create ESCA Canada, at the time licensed under EnviroCert International, and delivered CPESC Review Courses for a decade w. several great instructors.

Broader Civil Engineering experience as a consulting engineer, municipal engineer and approving officer in the land development sector, James has gained expertise and insight into Development Engineering including the BC Local Government Act, Community Charter, Land Title Act, as well as municipal Subdivision & Development Servicing Bylaws across the province.  There are approaches and techniques to ensure the rules are followed, the design and review thorough, and projects are delivered as promised.  



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Private Courses on Location By Request (12 min)


Alpine's 2021 Programming:

Erosion & Sediment Control 1.0:

Rules, Regulations, Best Practices

Hosted by APEGA - Online

February 23, 2021

9am-12pm MT

415 Registrants, AMAZING Session


Hosted by EGBC - Online

April 28 & 29, 2021

8:30am-12:00pm PT

25 Registrants, VERY Successful


Hosted by EPIC - Online

June 21, 22, 23

7:30am-1:30pm PT

9 Registrants, GREAT Education

Erosion & Sediment Control 1.0:
Rules, Regulations, Best Practices

Hosted by APEGA - Online
October 7, 2021
9am-12pm MT
Registration TBD


Hosted by EPIC

November 3-5, 2021

7:30-1:30 Pacific

Registration OPEN

ESC Fundamentals

Hosted by EGBC - Online

November 9, 2021

8:30-12:00pm PT

Registration TBD

ESC Design
Hosted by EGBC - Online
November 10, 2021
8:30-12:00pm PT
Registration TBD

Erosion & Sediment Control 2.0:
Site Compliance & Reporting

Hosted by APEGA - Online
November 18, 2021
9am-12pm MT
Registration TBD